Monday, February 13, 2012

Binary Domain Demo Dated

Binary Domain Demo Dated - The demo for the third-person squad-shooter Binary Domain will be released on February 14 for the PlayStation 3 and on February 15 for the Xbox 360. Insert your own joke about PS3 players having nothing else to do on Valentine�s Day.
Binary Domain Demo Dated
Two early missions will be available in the demo, set in near future Tokyo. Players will take command of Dan Marshall and work together with a squad of teammates against highly intelligent robots. The demo also provides a taste of Binary Domain's ground breaking Consequence System, which allows players to interact with and influence teammates in a variety of ways never before seen in a third person shooter, by using voice recognition in combat and non-combat situations players.

I can�t wait to see this voice recognition in action � it can be the next step in innovation, or another failed foray into getting computers to understand what the hell we�re saying. Here�s to hoping it�s the former.

Binary Domain will be available in North America on February 28th, 2012, on the Xbox 360 PlayStation 3.

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